Grange Lady Forge, Cheshire

The Legend

The Legend of the Grange Lady

The tale below is an extract from the local history book ‘Village of Moonbeams’ and tells the story of the Grange Lady. As these events occurred in the location of our forge we decided to name the building after the Grange Lady!

It was Adam who claimed that the ‘Grange Lady’ jumped on the back of his horse while he was riding down Grange Lane and then jumped off again at The Nook. He wasn’t the only person to have seen the apparition. Alfred Catley saw the ghostly figure of a hooded person, whom he took to be a monk, in the old wood, near to the railway, and young Reg ‘ Blimmer’ Jones insisted he saw a hooded figure which he described as a woman carrying a jug. She actually spoke to him saying ‘Take this water to that old man, he needs it’. This was in the Back o’ Town area of Weaverham and young Reg never stopped to look round but fled towards his home at Nook Cottages, his little clogs striking sparks off the road. On meeting his brother Arthur and gasping out his story, he carried on home. Arthur went immediately to investigate but could see nothing and the incident remains a mystery.

Over the years, so many people have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a woman always carrying a jug in this area of the village and when old Tom Parker from Acton, was coming home late from Cuddington with his horse and float, he noticed with alarm the ghostly figure standing in the entrance to Grange Wood along the lane. He tried to urge the horse on to get past quickly, but the horse stopped and refused to go any further. The old man had to turn round and go home by way of Bag Lane and Onston. No-one seemed to know who the lady was or how the haunting originated, but it is known that when the Hall was taken over to house nurses and domestic staff for the Sanitorium, one room remained locked and barred from the occupants and it was thought to have some connections with the supernatural happenings there.

(Reproduced from Village of Moonbeams by George Moss, with kind permission from Roger and Ken Moss.)

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